• British Will Use Ancient Catacombs To Bury Mexican H1N1 Flu Victims

    July 28, 2009 1:02 pm 2 comments
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  • Macabre and solemn news from our affiliates in London, as they report secret documents which show the British are clearing out ancient catacombs to bury the people who will die from the new Mexican Zombie Flu, also called H1N1 pig flu by scientists.

    Like most dirty things from Mexico, this virus reproduces quickly and will be a plague upon all of our countries. Deaths from the virus may reach into the millions, as no one has a natural defense against the alien pathogen that will illegally invade our bodies.

    British authorities have documented at least 100,000 people, only last week, who have fallen ill with the H1N1 Mexican pig virus. Scores have already died from the virus and due to risk of infection, officials have drafted plans to clear out ancient catacombs — currently tourist attractions — so the corpses of the dead can be safely stored.

    A city council said Saturday it was considering using underground burial chambers, currently a tourist attraction, to store the corpses of swine flu victims if the pandemic worsens.

    Exeter City Council said the empty 19th-century catacombs could become an emergency mortuary.

    A council spokesman said the plan could be put into operation if the cemeteries and the crematorium could not keep up with funeral demands.

    He said: “We have some empty catacombs in an old cemetery in the city. These are 19th century underground burial chambers which are normally a tourist attraction,” he said.

    “They can, however, be safely used for their original purpose and allow us to temporarily store bodies in the remote possibility that the need should arise.”

    Figures out Friday showed that 72 people were in hospital with swine flu in the Devon and Cornwall area surrounding Exeter, while 2,000 visited their doctors for treatment.

    …people with swine flu have died in Britain, which has been hit harder than any other European territory by the A(H1N1) virus.

    With no surprise, the Mexican zombie flu has swum across the world’s oceans and is now a pest to our friends in Britain. Underground death chambers will be used to bury the dead as those infected with Mexican continue to roam the street, infecting other innocents in the process.

    My friends, keep on guard. If you see someone who shows symptoms of a hybrid Mexican zombie and pig (snorting at nose, palor skin, greased hair and red eyes) immediately run into your house. Take vitamin C tablets, as eating fresh produce could expose you to foodstuff that has been prepared and handled by illegals.

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