• Erin Andrews Peephole Video Link Given a STD Virus By God

    July 21, 2009 3:41 am Comments Off
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    Millions of immoral computers are now infected by a mighty virus, due to the owners of said machines using their fingers for sin. Praise God.

    Erin Andrews is a sweet female newscaster who pretends to know about sports on ESPN. While sure, she may have gotten the job due to her pretty face it still gives men no right to ogle her body via an alleged video taken of her naked in her hotel room.

    Millions upon millions of people have been scouring the web for a video, allegedly shot by a website and uploaded, that shows the blonde haired reporter naked during intimate moments in a hotel suite.

    Such violation of privacy is simply immoral. What’s worse is that after the website owner in question took the video down, Satan showed many people how to still access the video on the internet archives and then these archived clips were shared all over the place.

    Somewhere along the line, however, the clips received a holy virus from God, the very type a husband will get if he cheats on his wife with a Thai hooker in Vegas.

    So if you were searching for this Erin Andrews video, watched it and now your computer is in its death throes, that’s what you get you devilwhore. I hope it causes your computer to burn forever.

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