• Furious God Strikes Couple With Lightning For Having Public Sex

    July 27, 2009 8:35 am 25 comments

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    God’s anger was on display yesterday when he was forced to grab a bolt of his lightning and strike down a couple committing public inappropriate fornication!

    Reports indicate the couple was spotted stripping off their sincovers behind a bush, so they could do the do all in public! They thought the bush would veil their sin but nothing can hide from the eyes of God!

    Jens Gottlieb, 36 and his 28-year-old girlfriend Lisa Gruhn had allegedly become hot and frisky as they mouth kissed while driving.

    Disgusted by what they were doing along the busy A44 motorway in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, God knew they were up to no good when they took their car off the highway and parked by a bush.

    Being polite, God tried to first give them subtle warnings to stop sinning. He first slightly turned his head and peaked his eyes from behind his hands, clearing his throat as you would do to someone who had perhaps left their fly open or is talking during a movie.

    “A-hmm. A-hmm.” When God does this though, it sounds like thunder. The couple ignored his thunder throat clears so he snapped his fingers, creating a lightning storm. The sinners still ignored it and kept baking cakes with their sin parts!

    Now angered at their contempt, God summoned a mighty bolt of lightning and struck it down right next to this couple! You can read about it here too if you doubt the power of our God!

    Nearby onlookers report that after ‘mighty flash of heavenly wrath’, two terrified and naked people came sprinting from behind a bush!

    The couple was spotted running away in fear from God’s wrath, as he continued to thunder tantrum and then caused torrents of rain to crash down upon the Earth, so as to clean the couple’s sin residue off the ground.

    Dazed and confused, the couple was spotted some hours later in the dark — both walking in haphazard circles — and had to be rescued by a motorist who called the police.

    When officers arrived on the scene, they spotted the couple shivering on the ground, still naked, and sorely afraid. It was cold. It was wet and they were scared. They needed the money.

    Huddled together like Adam and Eve right after they committed the first sin some 6,000 years ago, the promiscuous pair was left disoriented by the mighty wrath of God.

    The officers helped them dry off and gave them dry clothes, then drove the pair home.

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