• Future President Sarah Palin Inspires America

    July 27, 2009 7:35 am 2 comments
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  • As Sarah Palin prepares to leave Alaska so that she may serve our One Nation Under God as president, in 2012, she gave inspirational words that our country needs.

    Sarah Palin, a loving Christian mother and wife, prays daily and is attuned to the needs of America. Just like president Bush, this woman of great faith has a direct line with God and is exactly what our nation needs.

    Look at how Barack Obama is failing us. His advisers scheme new ways to force abortion while he wastes our nation’s money on health care and is making our armed forces weak.

    Sarah Palin’s son bravely fights terrorists in Iraq. Why has Obama dared not send his daughters to defend our great nation and our freedoms; why is he all talk and no leader by example?

    We all know the answer to such questions and America is blessed to only have to put up with this Democrat failure for several more years. In the meantime, relish and embrace the sage, patriotic words of our future president, President Sarah Palin.

    At her farewell dinner, our beloved Sarah said these things:

    “‘I said, ‘Oh no,’ it is not a down day – my son called this week from Iraq,” “He is safe, he is sound. It is always a good day when my son calls.’”

    - Sarah Palin, a loving Christian mother who proudly awaits calls from her dear son, who puts his life on the line to defend our nation.

    “‘I wish that some in the media would keep things like that in perspective, what is really important in our country. And what is important is our freedoms, America’s security, our liberty.’”

    - Sarah Palin, she loves freedom and America.

    “‘Let us continue to love our country, be proud of our country, never apologize for our country.’”

    What an inspirational woman and there is no surprise that someone from the crowd exclaimed, “We want you as our commander-in-chief!” and after which, a explosive uproar and cheer emerged from the crowd.

    Sarah Palin will be our next president. As Obama has to apologize for being racist against white cops who had to arrest an uppity black college professor, Sarah Palin is focused on what matters.

    An America that doesn’t need to apologize because we are smart enough to be culturally sensitive and demand all countries, whatever their names may be over there on the map, abide by the rules of equality we set out for them. It is simple and yet so complex policy that only one person, a person of wise wisdom and savvy can carry out.

    It is a leader who is a soldier in the Army of the Lord and will carry out his orders. That woman is Sarah Palin.

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