• Gay Liberal Scientists Force Monkey To Kiss A Cat

    July 11, 2009 6:22 am 21 comments
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  • The gay liberal scientists are at it again. It just was just not enough for them to create homosexual pink dolphins. They have now released a video in which they force a monkey to kiss a cat.

    Step 1 of the homogay agenda is aimed at making everyone think it is natural for a a man to make whoopie to another man’s fecal center. After this phase they plan to force us to accept weird things like a man marrying monkeys and dogs.

    The gays will try to deny these facts but when they keep secretly creating videos like this and then releasing them to children on YouTube, their agenda is clear. They want to just stick their filthy sewer plungers into anything that’s living and expect normal people to be fine with this. Disgusting! Warning: The following video contains inappropriate material. Please pray and then have your wife/children leave the room before reviewing for your discussion group.

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