• God Hires Two Angels to Break Pope’s Arms

    July 18, 2009 3:04 pm 15 comments
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  • Shock and awe today in the Vatican after Pope Benedict XVI was released from Aosta hospital. The 82-year-old pontiff was rushed into the hospital late last night after ‘two men in bright, shiny clothing’ allegedly broke into the Pope’s home and roughed him up, fracturing his right arm in the process.

    An alarmed Vatican released a statement which reveals the Pope had gone home after a long day, where he was prepared to have a little snack and then go to bed. What he didn’t know is that, God ordered two of his angels to break into the Pope’s house and ‘take him for a little ride and then teach him a lesson’.

    The Vatican had purportedly sinned and angered God by making a written statement that evolution may be real. Make no mistake that God will NOT TEOLERATE such uncouth words on his kingdom of Earth. Evolution is a sham and in the beginning GOD created heaven and the Earth.

    Due to the Pope’s sinful letters and writings, God was forced to send a message to the Vatican, to let them know who is in charge. He had two of his angels take the Pope and crack his forearm in two.

    Some misleading sources try to claim the Pope allegedly “had slipped and fallen in his bedroom during the night”, but there’s no mistaking that this fracture is of divine origin.

    God was displeased with the words the Pope had written so with a broken arm, the Pope and the rest of the Vatican cardinals will think twice about what they write.

    Says spokes Federico Lombardi:

    “‘He is learning to live with a right wrist in plaster…The most difficult thing for him is having to give up writing.’”

    I hope this show of power and control by our heavenly God father has taught the Vatican their lesson. The Earth, like all of the universe, is God’s possession. You can’t go around and bootlegging your filth in God’s territory and get away with it!

    His angels are always patrolling the streets and will not hesitate to break knuckles, arms or cast unscrupulous heathens into hell at the drop of a hat! No one is exempt, not even the Pope.

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