• Godless Japanese Scientists Create Dog With Real Human Eyebrows!

    July 20, 2009 7:00 am 19 comments

    The saki swigging Japanese scientists are at it again! In a drunken orgy of perversion their Godlessly yellow hands have crafted a puppy dog with a human’s eyebrows!

    As I scourted www today, leaving true comment on sin videos and trying to find you all things to be warned about, I could not believe this filth!

    I new the Japanse scientists were Godless wonders but this just takes the cake! There is nothing moral about evolving a pair of human eyebrows right onto a man’s best friend!

    What’s next, they just going to evolve a human brain and seed scepter onto it too! Let it marry a Japanese women and have litters of children!

    I see what you are up to Japan scientists and I spit with contempt on your efforts to promote evolution and the homogay agenda for your game shows! There is nothing MORAL about how gays fantasize about man being able to marry beast, just so their ABOMINATION LIFESTYLE seems more normal to everyone!

    I pray God reaches down from heaven and denatures the DNA of this sin dog right where it stands, then causes all the Japanese science labs to explode with the wrath of sin!

    Know this Japan. Satan grills all four seasons of the year and his favorite food is a hot dog! Your sinner dogs ware going to burn for what you have done to them because these dogs will not be going to heaven, just like devil science that create this filth! Warning: The following video contains dangerous evolution propaganda. Please pray then have women/children and others weak of mind leave the room before reviewing.

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