• Hipped Hopper Chris Brown Makes Apology Video For Rihanna Beating

    July 21, 2009 11:50 am 30 comments
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  • Why does the black community worship ‘musicians’ who promote a lifestyle of drugs, disrespecting women and gang lifestyles?

    Growing up in East Georgia, I know black people tend to be raised in religious homes with a strong grandmother and religious influence. Somewhere down the line it all goes wrong though, as we can see with the hipped hopped culture.

    Sure, even these thugs who perform music will give thanks to “God and my family” at award shows, but how can you give thanks to God and family one day then the next go and smoke drugs like magic mint and prostitutes with exposed legs, cheating your wife in the process?

    Then go and beat up your wife.

    Rihanna joins the festivities as Allegra Versaces 23rd birthday party, NYC

    It really saddens my heart whenever I hear about domestic abuse and find out some knucklehead black man with earrings in ear and loud music is behind it all. This Chris Brown character stands accused of beating a pretty girl singer named Rihanna like she was an African bongo drum, and I find it pretty sick.

    If I were her father, this Brown would wish he was that Kunta in Roots because I would be cutting of feet and whipping him with whips that seared with the high heats of hell! No one lays a finger on my daughters and just think it’s ok.

    That’s what these young boys need to realize. You’re messing with someone’s loved one and there is nothing on God’s Earth that justifies hurting a woman the way this Rihanna girl was beaten. Look at these photos. Disgusting.

    Brown says what he did is “unacceptable” and he better believe it. If he’s sincere, I hope he’s apologized to Rihanna, his family and his God. If he’s sincere, I hope he plans on spending millions of dollars supporting battered women centers and giving his TIME to listen to their cases.

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