• Homoshame.com Is Spreading Gay Tshirt Agenda

    July 12, 2009 4:01 pm 5 comments

    I just finished hopping up and down in anger when twitters update revealed a new site named Homoshame.com. This site is Satan’s newest tool to make the fecal friendly agenda seem like fun for everyone!

    I cannot believe the filth they are posting upon that site. Tshirts of men having mouth sex acts with bananas, fornications with statues and pipes and then romantic gay poses between two men and Kmart.

    K-mart photos is supposed to be for HIGH QUALITY FAMILY PICTURE MOMENTS not for Steve and Gay to show the world their pervert love!

    Mark my words that Satan has the url to this site bookmarked just like he has bookmarked the souls to every sugar-plummed in sin wretch that promotes the homogay agenda!

    Here is how these homoshame posse describe their community agenda:

    Homoshame.com’s Gay Agenda
    * HomoShame
    [hoh·moh sheym]
    1. the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something being “gay and outrageous,” done by oneself or another (Perez Hilton gives me a massive amount of HomoShame.)
    2. susceptibility to this feeling (I like being gay, but when I spend too much time in West Hollywood…I get HomoShame.)
    3. disgrace; ignominy (Seriously dude? You give me HomoShame.)
    4. a fact or circumstance bringing disgrace or regret to a gay man or woman (You’re being a little gay and outrageous…and now I’ve got HomoShame.)

    Well at least they have something right. There is nothing but shame in homo lifestyles. Imagine the sin-scented guilt men must feel after taking turns with each others devilwholes after a night a sick relations.

    My stomach turns upside down with the thought of it and so does gay men. There is a reason why over 90% of gay homes have Pepto or antacids in their bathroom; the poor sinners are sick with guilt and shame for their lifestyle.

    You cannot hide from the eye of God and it’s true that misery loves company. People choose to be gay because they are confused and then get exploited by other gays who are miserable and ashamed of their gay pride, so want all the company they can get.

    So there is one word for you homoshame.com. Shame! Shame!

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