• Immoral Chinase Create People Kissing Animal Pictures

    July 30, 2009 10:29 am 16 comments

    As I searched the internet to find more things to protest and warn you about, my heart skipped three beats when I saw the following filth! on an Asian internet web site.

    Apparently there is some skick artist movement out there that tries to humanize animals by making them give mouth to mouth in all sort of perverted way. I’m utterly disgusted and will soon have to leave my office to find some Pepto Bismol and Mylanta to cure my upset stomach.

    I can only wag my head and wish it were hundreds of years ago in this, so we could go and hunt all involved animals and eat them on YouTube videos without getting protested by liberals. People keep forgetting that animals are our servant creatures as ordained by God and this sort of abomination painting is the stuff that leads to the cattle trail to hell.

    The gays want us to accept relations between man and animal so their homogay agenda won’t look so outlandish. Do not fall for their sin encrusted tricks.

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