• Japanese Conspire “You Make My Juices Flow!”

    July 16, 2009 3:50 am 39 comments

    As I searched YouTube for more videos to warn everyone about today, nothing could prepare me for the filth that I uncovered.  A demonic Japn play to seduce American men!

    From all their perverted anime and willie tingler robots they are making we know these veil people are hiding nothing but sin under their curtsies and big fake smiles! But this takes the cake!

    Japanese schools are teaching their young teen school girls classes on how to seduce us in our American language! They always try to pretend that Japnese education is gooder than ours but you see these lowlifes are literally learning their children how to ‘sucky, sucky, five dorrah you make my juice frow!’.

    Yeah, you liberals whine and say I’m making all this up but you just watch this following filthy videos then try to cry about cultural sensitivity! Warning: The following video is highly immoral. Please pray and immediately have any women/children leave the room before viewing.

    This is one but a billion of those Japasians and I’ll tell you what. They can keep their filthy man seducing ways to theirselves, putting sticks in their hair and painting their face like mimes!

    My blood is boiling with the rage of many exploding Suns right now and I pray that God’s wrath strikes down their universities and grade schools with a holy tsunami this summer, right in their American language classrooms.

    If this were World War II I would laught with delight as I reported these videos then watched as our American military put involved saki prostitute devilwhores where they belong!

    Liberals will try to say this is all fine and a part of culture, but we’ll see what they say when their young son dies from cancer or AIDS because he got a little “OOOO suck suck 1 dorrah!” on his twiddler rumpus and lived out his final days sticken with bird flu and all the other Asian virus!

    My friends this is why we must stop the Asians from peddling their filth in this Godly nation. They are training their women to attack our men with sex! Let us leave comments and DEMAND this filth be taken out of our American country!

    The only juices frowing will be the the marinade Satan uses when he grills all involved parties upon the propane grills of HELL!

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