• Mad TV Canceled, Thank God

    July 19, 2009 1:33 am 8 comments
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  • Finally, Mad TV has been canceled. Praise God! This alleged ‘comedy’ show was seemingly targeted toward young adults and children, but was nothing but filthy innuendo, horrible celebrity impersonations and the K-Mart discount brand of the late night tv lineup.

    I wish I had Ben Stein’s number, because I would call him up right now and demand he record himself reading Moby Dick, so we could pitch a new show to Fox.

    It would be called, “A Groggy Ben Stein Reads Moby Dick”. We would market it right for MadTV’s timeslot as comedy, because such a tape is comedic genius next to the droll piles of torture the writers behind tried to pass off as entertainment.

    I can only assume that all the executive heads at Fox go to sleep around 8:30 pm and had no idea this show had been airing for the last 14 years, or they would have taken it all off years ago.

    Liberal diehards with too much free time and money are likely being glib right now, ready to defend MadTV’s sinful magazine with the gap-teeth kid on the front. “60 years of tradition…wah!”

    Here’s a newsflash! People like to get magazines in the mail because they are shiny! And people like getting contact from others!

    Right now, if you’re trying to figure a way to check your Outlook or Facebook inbox. Notice they have places where you can check your new mail notifications. Shiny red! Shiny, like a magazine cover!

    If you’re at home, it’s the same deal but with messaging clients. The same with your phone! Why?

    People like to get big, shiny and somewhat interesting (read, different from bills) things in the mail that fits their interest. The problem is that people can now satisfy that hunger via the internet, and frankly, Mad did not transfer their magazine’s content or appeal to the tv show or net.

    So the show is cancelled and is now off our Godly Fox channel, which should just dedicate all their resources to a proper American news network like Fox News Channel. Imagine Fox News being on cable, for everyone to see and learn from!

    So MadTV, you have been judged by God. Too many horrible skits where the actors did not look or act like whoever they were impersonating, and all that sinful content, just did not appeal to the palate of America.

    Hopefully, the show will be picked back up and rebrand itself as an educational comedy show with things like perhaps little skits from the Bible or teaching the late night audience the dangers of second-hand smoke or kissing girls before marriage.

    These things are important to young adults and presented in a funny way, would be a real hit!

    So let us pray for Mad TV if they do get a chance with another network, and now pray that God helps bring judgment upon their new “Mad’ type publication, Cracked.com.

    Those single monglers are very overdue for some heavenly wrath.

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