• Madonna Biceps Photos Are Very Scary

    July 29, 2009 11:34 am 6 comments
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  • Madonna is an American singer who enjoys gyrating in catsuits upon stage and buying young Africans from their primitive villages, so they can taste the fattening sins of the Hollywood lifestyle.

    She’s in the news again this week, but not for the usual antics of inspiring people to do devil’s dances to techno beats, but rather her physique.

    Over the last several months, Madonna’s arm tone and muscle has become very noticeable. If Arnold Schwarzenegger were 30 years younger, he would wear thick cardigans to hide his puny arms in shame of Madonna’s build.

    photo by: madonnafansworld.over-blog.com

    This of course begs the question if Madonna’s arms and muscle mass is fake or all natural. Say what you will about Madonna, but one thing she does firmly believe in is hard work and devotion.

    She created her music career due to hard work and steadfast perseverance. Her music routines are the product of hours upon hours of preparation, exercise and practice. She’s tough and always has been.

    So even though I don’t approve of tricking Africans to get onto boats, unlike when it was fine when we welcomed them here to help around our farms and such a few hundred years ago, or her music, we must give credit to her for her amazing devotion in what she believes.

    So yes, those biceps are all natural and it’s good to see her keeping an aspect of her body in tip-top condition.

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