• Obama Caught Looking At Another Girl’s Bum Area!

    July 11, 2009 6:11 am 47 comments

    Impeach! Impeach!

    I am utterly shocked at the lack of morals of Barack Hussein Obama. Just yesterday this dark man was caught lusting after the tropical fruits of a 16 year old girl from Brazil!

    Such sin was not enough for this man’s plate, because now we see him once again satisfying his ghetto urges by salivating over another woman’s rump like a starved wolf!

    Just look at how he eyes this woman like she is in his black rap video. America, what more proof do you need!

    The only stimulus package Obama is working on involves his Satan scepter and girls from all the poor third world countries! If I were king of the world I would demand Obama go live in a monastery and say rosaries until all this unnatural sin left his lust-sodden liberal heart!

    My friends, the Democratic party is full of sick pervert who like to kill babies and and force teens into inappropriate situations. Bill Clinton taught us how Democrat presidents treat their interns and now Obama shows us how he uses girl diplomats.

    This is more proof of how Obama is a socialist pervert and will destroy America with his anti-family, Christian betraying ways. How can we trust this man to not take bribe from the oil-wealth terrorists in the Mideast or Chinese commies if he can’t even keep his eyes of these innocent children!

    Please let us vote a good Christian like Jeb Bush or Sarah Palin into office in 2012. God does not want a kiddy rompus peaker as the commander of his country and neither should you!

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