• Pope Admits ‘Guardian Angel’ Did Not Stop Accident

    July 29, 2009 12:41 pm 23 comments
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  • Les Combes, Italy – When I broke the story of how God hired two angels to break the Pope’s arms last week, heathen atheist liberals to backstabbing Judas Christians tried to say the story was not real. Well eat horse you devilwhores, for now the Pope has confessed to his sins!

    In an interview with the Associated Press, Pope Benedict appeared shaken from his broken arms and admitted that he had fallen from God’s will

    Angelus Pope in Les Combes

    Source: The Associated Press

    Pope Benedict XVI said Wednesday that his “guardian angel” let him down when he was pushed and broke his wrist earlier this month, but that the angel was clearly acting “on superior orders.”

    The pope thanked law enforcement officials for being “like angels,” as he prepared to depart Les Combes, the Alpine resort where two mission angels roughed him up and broke his wrist 10 days ago while on vacation.

    “Unfortunately, my own guardian angel did not prevent my injury, certainly following superior orders,” Benedict said.

    “Perhaps the Lord wanted to teach me more patience and humility, give me more time for prayer and meditation,” the pope added.

    God does not tolerate ugly and defiant behavior. So it’s really no surprise that The Lord had to hire two toughs to remind the Pope what happens to people for bootlegging illegal talk of evolution being real and not condemning the gays hard enough.

    As we detailed last week, the 82-year-old pontiff was pushed down in his mountain retreat, where he suffered a holy fracture on his right wrist. Surgeons at the local hospital were amazed about the fracture on his right wrist, as it resembled a cross.

    Surgeons estimated the grievous yet not life-threatening injury would put the Pope in time-out for two weeks, time enough to think about his sins and he should say sorry to God and mean it.

    Prohibition is in eternal effect for evolution and the homogay agenda, as both are an abomination to God! Anyone trying to racket this filth in God’s universal territory is subject to get dealt a blow from his untouchable angels. Not even the Pope and his guardian angel is exempt.

    Let this be a warning unto all, as God is giving us a fair example of his will at the Pope’s expense. It remains unconfirmed when the Pope will come out to officially apologize for writing the article and making comments in support of evolution.

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