• School Girl Catches 200 Pound, 9 Feet Catfish!

    July 16, 2009 10:58 am 1 comment
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  • Yesterday a great battle took place, one that pitted the hunting skills of a child against a savage Spanish beast of nature. The scene: the Ebro river in Old Mexico.

    A father had taught his daughter the way of fishing, and on a family vacation the young angler threw her line into the mighty surging river, hopes escalated with thoughts of catching a little swimmer

    Little did the child, Jessica Wanstall, know this day she would be going down in history.

    At only 4’10″ tall and 80 pounds, the 11-year-old Wanstall would probably not be seen as a match for a monstrous river horror. This young lady, however, was about to prove otherwise.

    It all started when her taut line received a little nip. Jessica tested the pole, grabbing it, when suddenly the scaled arm of Satan himself ripped from beneath the river’s surging tides, trying to pull Jessica and her pole to a murky doom!

    Determination swelled in the brave child’s eyes, as she gritted her teeth and dug deep into the murky banks of the Ebro. Sweat raced down her brow as she used her full might and the strength of a dozen angels to resist the tailed terror’s downward tugs.

    Bystanders say the river was quite angry that day, my friends, like an old lady spilling her card at the Bingo.

    Against such odds did Jessica fight. Against such threats did this young hunter of the Lord engage in battle with a demonic beast of the sea.

    As both foes, good and evil, grew tired from the raging battle, Jessica gave one final heave. Her proud father stood at her side, ready to jump in and fight the ornery creature should need be.

    Soon, ground gave way for the tiny tyke. She pulled…and pulled…and pulled. She pulled until an angry but exhausted 9 foot long, 200 pound catfish crashed upon the shore!

    Some women and children fled in terror, while several men onlookers stood with mouth’s agape and in awe. Never before had such a fish been seen in Spain.

    As Jessica’s arms turned to jelly after the epic struggle, her proud father helped finish bringing the great fish ashore.

    Said Jessica of her hunting exploits:

    “‘My dad thought it was going to be a small one and I told him it didn’t feel small when I picked up the rod. It was really hard work pulling it in and my arms turned to jelly.’”

    She continued:

    “‘My dad helped lift it on to the bank and I just laughed when I saw it. It was massive.’”

    I wish I were in Spain with everyone right now, cause I would bring over a mess of fish fry and chips, to join in the feast of celebrating this amazing catch!

    Congratulations to the Wanstall family for a job well done and excellent hunting.

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