• Scientists Warn Robots Will Eventually Outsmart and Kill Man, Fear

    July 27, 2009 6:48 am 13 comments

    Mankind has tampered with God’s power. We have split his atoms. Used his stem cells to commit all sorts of genetic abominations before our Lord and Savior.


    We have used knowledge of God’s physics to split atoms and create machines that can, think unlike a man created in the image of He on Most High. Now, we have gone too far. Now all pervert scientists and mankind will suffer!

    Scientists this weak announced their great fear and panic, as they admit that machines have now become too smart and within a few years, will have the means — on their own — to think for themselves and overthrow humanity in a Satanic-powered massacre of blood, bolts and tears.

    As reported by the fearful liberals New York Times:

    “Something new has taken place in the past five to eight years,” Dr. Horvitz said. “Technologists are replacing religion, and their ideas are resonating in some ways with the same idea of the Rapture.”

    The Kurzweil version of technological utopia has captured imaginations in Silicon Valley. This summer an organization called the Singularity University began offering courses to prepare a “cadre” to shape the advances and help society cope with the ramifications.

    “My sense was that sooner or later we would have to make some sort of statement or assessment, given the rising voice of the technorati and people very concerned about the rise of intelligent machines,” Dr. Horvitz said.

    The A.A.A.I. report will try to assess the possibility of “the loss of human control of computer-based intelligences.” It will also grapple, Dr. Horvitz said, with socioeconomic, legal and ethical issues, as well as probable changes in human-computer relationships. How would it be, for example, to relate to a machine that is as intelligent as your spouse? …

    After reading the full article, you will have fear stricken into your heart just like these atheistic scientists. I have no worries that Americans will create proper robots and computer technology that will remain moral and in control. The problem is the Japanese.

    They have proven to be a pervert culture who time and time again has used every opportunity to team-up with NAZIs and try to take over our Christian nation and all of Earth.

    American robots are moral. Our predator drones are armed with heavy artillery and let us bring freedom to Iraq, remotely. Our high-end medical devices and robots assist improving the life of proper, hardworking Americans with good health insurance from a decent job.

    Our internet is being filled with a bunch of nonsense, but at its core remains just and an excellent tool for keeping friends and family in contact with each other. It is building a new infrastructure for America.

    The Japanese will ruin it all. The AAIA researchers fear robotic intelligence will likely spring from the internet and a computerized system that accesses it and becomes ‘sentient’. Unlimited knowledge and a ‘core’ that can think or become set to mass produce; the Japanese would aid in doing such things.

    It would only be a matter of time before goose-stepping fire robot armies are descending from the sky, armed with genetic material to impregnate are women with Japanese children (not making it up) and killing men with all its attached weapons of mass destruction.

    Such possibilities are only a few years away, and this is why America must act now. We must go to war with Japan and our army must force them to sign a new treaty that bans all technology, especially robotics, from their country.

    America must also patent to concept of ‘robot’ and forbid any other country from partaking in this technology as well. Scientists have admitted we are at a precipice point and we cannot trust non-Christian countries or any of the lesser nations with such a responsibility.

    Only American robots must thrive and I will have my investor ready to help aide humanity by placing my money into this market, as you should as well. Amen.

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