• SHOCK: Sarah Palin Says Alaska Is Sovereign, Prepares to Secede From Union

    July 22, 2009 8:47 am 4 comments

    Alaskan governor Sarah Palin has shocked and terrified political leaders in DC. Last week she announced she would tear apart the GOP, ripping it in half without mercy. Now, there is cause to believe she plans to rip Alaska right out of the heart of America.

    Alarming memos from Washington reveal Palin sent an explicit communique to our nation’s leaders, in which she asserted that “Alaska is a sovereign state”. These words were followed by speech, perhaps crafted by the spirit of Jefferson Davis himself, which stated Alaska has a Constitutional right to stand defiantly to Washington.

    While it is very reasonable that any true American has distaste for Washington Democrats and their dark leader, these sinister words by Sarah Palin can seem like one thing only: a preamble to secession.

    Our sage and Republican Christian leader, Abraham Lincoln, gave his life in trying to keep America unified and freeing our Afro friends from the oppressive bounds of slavery. A true Christian and man of God, Lincoln believed in the destiny of America to be a perfect kingdom of freedom and brotherhood, not a divided nation of tyranny.

    Lincoln stated that America would never be defeated from without, but from within. And now, almost ready to make Lincoln’s warning become a prophesy, the Alaskan snow queen is attempting to smelt our forged bonds of stately brotherhood by betraying the American Dream.

    Does she plan to sell Alaska out to the Russians she can see from her porch? Is she quitting the job of governor so she can become the second president of the Confederacy?

    This woman is nothing but trouble and is far out of place from her natural role as a homemaker. She can’t even keep her children chaste until marriage, so what sort of vows do you think she can keep pure in a political setting?

    It is time for Washington to send federal troops to Alaska to route out this threat to America, perhaps instructing Todd Palin to keep his wife domesticated on house arrest for stating Alaska has a Constitutional right to be sovereign.

    This woman MUST NOT be allowed to run for president in 2012, as we need a person who loves America — a unified America — at the helm in 2012.

    We need a person, a man, who would make Abraham Lincoln proud of his sacrifice and the progress of his Christian nation. That man is Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

    Florida is a state that’s blessed with beautiful weather and life, even though infected by miscreants and sneaking illegals, they overcome hard times due to having a great American leader.

    What a blessing it would be for America to place a third Bush man within the hallowed grounds of our White House.

    When miscreants try to tear our country asunder, be it Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton, it takes good, Godly Republican men to set things straight.

    President Reagan trusted George H.W. Bush to be his son and successor, and America fought the devious Al Gore when he tried to cheat George W. Bush Jr. out of his inheritance of the presidential throne of our nation under God.

    It is time once again to get the Democrats and unqualified minorities out of office. All men are created equal and it takes special experience and a lifetime of being a good leader to earn the right to lead this nation.

    Barack Obama is young and glib, and product of a hippie generation who does not appreciate money or human life. Sarah Palin is a woman.

    This makes it abundantly clear that we need a leader, who comes from a family born to serve this great nation. We need a leader who…loves his God and country with all his heart.

    That man is Jeb Bush. Let us keep America unified and not have to go to war with Alaska, destroying the weak nation of Canada in the process of keeping our union unified.

    Vote Jeb Bush in 2012 and say no to ‘tear apart” Palin.

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