• Sinner Olivia Munn Dresses Like Wonder Woman at Comic-Con

    July 29, 2009 2:47 pm 23 comments

    Olivia Munn is a sinful woman who uses her devilpowers to lure young boys into a lifestyle of lust and fornication.

    For years this woman has convinced common men that she likes video games and she’s an everywoman, but in reality is just using her mouth sex acts and chest that’s jiggly puffed with sin to trick youngsters into giving her ratings.

    Well now, she’s spreading the feminist agenda. There was a recent ‘comics’ festival called a Comic-Con. These places are filled with young boy nerd so of course this is like candied Halloween for Olivia Munn. She showed up in full Wonder Woman costume and yelled trick or treat to all onlookers.

    Wonder Woman is a vile comics character created by DC comics. She wears Satanic clothing and likes to bind herself in ropes, all while spouting feminist nonsense. Take a look at this horrible Wonder Woman dvd, which Dan Nordgen watched and rated for the Christian Movie Review.

    There is nothing more rare than an attractive feminist, so of course Munn realized a Wonder Woman costume was the perfect bait. We have collected photographic evidence of these acts. WARNING: The following media content is highly immoral. Please pray then have women/children leave the room before viewing.

    Evidence 1: Olivia Munn in Sin-Marinated Wonder Woman Outfit

    Pray and then review sin-soaked image here.

    Evidences 2: Tempting Youngsters With Jiggly Puffed Chest Sins (lookit that boys eyes)

    Pray and then review sin-soaked image 2 here.

    Evidence 3: Olivia Munn Wearing What Appears to Be A Fancy Women’s Negliges Lingeriaes FILTH!

    Pray and then review sin-soaked image 3 here.

    Evidence 4: Olvia Munn Dressed Like A Space Flussy

    Pray and then review sin-soaked image 4 here.

    This concludes all the necessary evidence. We will be contacting G4TV and Attack of the Show to see why they let this woman do all these sinful acts in their name.

    Just look at Olivia Munn’s sinful site and you will see all the people she tempts into sin contact her, due to all these pictures and pervert act inducing videos she does.

    It is all an abomination and I hope G4TV is not surprised when God strikes them with an earthquake or perhaps meteor for this skin peep show!

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