• The Redneck Olympic Games Down East Dublin Georgia

    July 14, 2009 4:10 pm 6 comments
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  • Today I received a very interesting email in the holymailbox, from a certain Abraham Jr. The very son of a regular contributor, Abe.

    Down in East Dublin, Georgia, they have an annual tradition called the Redneck Games Olympics. It was started up by a gentleman named Mac Davis after RACIST media reports in 1996.

    In typical liberal fashion, some newscasters teased that the Olympics would be backwards and trashy because it was hosted by ‘Rednecks’ when they took place in Atlanta, Georgia. This statement was foul with typical minority crassness and disrespectful to many good, hard-working white people in the process.

    So in response, the good people of East Dublin now do an annual games where they do all of the ‘stereotypical’ things the bigoted liberal media stated are part of the rural white lifestyle. Jr. Goodman reports they have everything from “pig trotting, pig slopping, toilet throwing, mud sloshin and joshin’ to name a few things.

    Here is a picture he said Abe wouldn’t want seen, so here it is. :)

    Hah just got this picture of Brother Abe and some of his frie... on Twitpic

    Good times and it’s also a good way to combat bigoted Democrats and their socialist ilk.

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