• Time Magazine Cover Features President Bush and Cheney – NO OBAMA

    July 23, 2009 11:35 am 5 comments

    The above image shows that Time Magazine has its priorities straight. While Obama continues to squabble with democrats over unimportant things like Universal Healthcare and energy, which will just continue to destroy our once strong economy, Time Magazine looks back on a better time for America.

    That is, the time when we had the noble President George W. Bush and the warm, grandfatherly Dick Cheney in office.

    Humor was also a key part to the Bush legacy. A great leader for a great nation of even greater people.

    These two men were of great character and compassion, and also had a great sense of humor as well. It is hard to think that there could be anything that would compare to Roosevelt’s comforting fireside chats during World War II, but every time our Christian president George W. Bush took action and spoke his words of freedom, you felt secure and knew America was in good hands.

    Who remembers where they were when our country was attacked by terrorists, due to the incompetence of Bill Clinton and his Democrat Congress who left our nation weak and undefended?

    President Bush vowed to smoke terrorists out of their holes and only a short time later, delivered long-time terrorists such as Saddam Hussein and his kids to God for judgment. Such a great leader is once in a lifetime.

    Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill, Alexander the Great, George Washington, Ronald Reagan; the list of truly great and epic leaders is few and far in between. Those privileged enough to live through the early aughts were blessed, as perhaps the tandem of history’s two greatest leaders — our President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney — graced our lives with their poised and elegant style of leadership, always leading the American nation to better places.

    So kudos to you, Time Magazine, for ignoring the failures of Obama and focusing on Bush and Cheney for your cover. It is their actions and antics that have lead our nation to prosperous heights and unprecedented global acclaim and splendor, all while Obama whittles it all away.

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