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    Christian Movie Review – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    Harry Potter is a depraved movie series that is corrupting children with the thoughts of unnatural teenage sex and infatuation with demonic sorcery.

    Every parent out there should be on full alert, as the latest movie in the series is entitled Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and is the equivalent of letting your child snort cocaine and then go to a pornographic version of a Ozzy Osborne concert.

    The film kicks off the sinful sixth year at ‘Hogwarts’, a church of Satan where the film’s protagonists learn anti-Christian chants and teachings. This naturally serves the Hollywood atheist agenda of making our children disillusioned with our nation’s Lord and Savior.

    One quickly finds that the characters in this newest Harry Potter flick have fully taken on their adult persona, by the more crass attitude, language and sexual innuendo being thrown about.

    A teenage boy’s mind is naturally pure and does not think about things like fornicating with a girl, unless implanted by the enemy. Enter Hermione Granger!

    Last week Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) was seen parading about in the rain, revealing her pantiedrawers so that she could infest young teenage boys’ minds with sick feelings of sin in their thingies. This was all just a ploy to get more people to see the movie.

    This movie starts off in typical Wiccan fashion. Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) comes across a sorcerer’s book that is written by a mysterious person named the ‘Half Blood Prince’ (aka Satan).

    Instead of burning this book in a fire, just like any decent person should immediately do to any work written by Mr. JK Rowling, Harry Potter makes a deal with the devil and starts performing the book’s magic.

    All of his wizard friends become impressed with his new ‘level’ of being able to perform dark arts and blood rituals, including a new professor on the rostrum named Slughorn.

    Oh, let’s not forget about the homogay agenda. The omnipresent Dumbledore of course makes his presence known, much to the pleasure of male secretaries and nurses worldwide if you get my drift.

    Dumbledore uses his carefully mouthed words and deep stares to entice Harry Potter to spy and do secret surveillance on Slughorn. The hidden implications of this should be obvious.

    If all of these things were not anti-child enough, this movie takes another step into the mire of immorality by pushing love triangles and soap-opera romance between teens.

    The teenage years of one’s life is not for thinking about relationships with the other gender, but rather taking up good hobbies and devoting oneself to studies.

    This movie tries to make it seem like it’s all about sexual gratification and fake puppy love, all veiled ways Satan commonly uses to cause teen pregnancy in young girls nationwide.

    It is no coincidence that Harry Potter is responsible for higher incidence of teen pregnancy and drug use, and with this latest darker, edgier addition to the film series do not be surprised to find teens turning up dead in alleys only weeks after seeing this depraved filth.

    Some scenes between Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were so dirty and full of teen-dating/relationship innuendo that I nearly got up and left the screening several times.

    The movie ends in typical Hollywood fashion, with the ending actually being quite reminiscent of The Empire Strikes Back.

    After enduring the 2 1/2 hour long sin hormones fest that is Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I fail to see why any good parent would let their innocent son or daughter into the theater to see this film.

    While the film is masterfully shot in deep, muted ways that would make Satan feel right at home, it shines bright with the sparkling luster of sugar-coated sin.

    Moral Rating:
    Moral Rating:S (strong>Sinister) for
    blood rituals, sexual innuendo, teenage dating, magic chants, anti-Christian agenda, Wiccan witchcraft, teen kissing, magic, promotes homogay agenda, fantasy violence, inappropriate rating of PG (should be R)


    Please Click Here and Help Boycott New Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

    Please Click Here and Help Boycott New Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

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