• What Is Twitter and How Did Ashton Kutcher Ruin It?

    July 14, 2009 9:53 am 3 comments
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    What Is Twitter?Last week several readers sent emails to the Holymailbox@christwire.org to ask what is Twitter?

    Twitter started off as a very neat and clean site where Christian friends could share updates about their day with one another. If you were going to have the wife prepare perhaps some nice beans with johncakes for men’s ministry, you could just tell everyone on Twitters update.

    Going on a canoe trip down up the river?  Twitter.

    This was all very neat and the site had a good, moral feel to it. Like most good things though, Satan wanted to get his hands in there and he used his favorite people to ruin it: devilwhore celebrities.

    There is nothing a celebrity loves more than prostituting himself to the secular world and Satan, so naturally Twitter was sparking with the same sugar-plummed sin a gay man see’s in every other man’s backside attack.

    And just like a homogay in heat, attack they did. Twitter is now infected and diseased with mundane celebrity updates and attitude.

    Take for instance this Ashton Kutcher. He is famous for wearing angle trucker hats, causes friends to cry like douchvagine after pranks on Music Television (MTV) and apparently taking suspicious photos like this.

    How shocking?!

    So it should come as no surprise that when Satan whispered in his ears, “Update on Twitter and you will get followers” that Ashton did not hesitate to invite all his celebrity friends to ruin it all with HOLLYWOOD SIN!

    I’d like to see the stats because I bet since all the celebrities started updating Twitter, at least 10 percent of their followers have probably caught some sick disease by experimenting with the gay sex and drugs lifestyle so popular in Los Angleses.

    Rest assured that if you are following celebrities on Twitter, you run the risk of being marinated in sin and then BBQ’d upon Satan’s eternal pits of hell. Make the Lord proud and do not get caught in the new snares of celebrity worship like these 2.7 million people.

    It is all a contract deal between celebs and hell, to infatuate you with a fake lifestyle that will leave you used up, drug riddled and then death!

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