• 169 Schoolchildren Arrested for Dressing Like Little Scamps

    August 26, 2009 2:16 am 11 comments
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  • Richmond, Indiana – Nearly 200 students suspended from Richmond Community School district for wearing immoral clothing. Several teachers and school staff were also fired in the overdue clothing inquisition.

    For far too long America’s schoolchildren have betrayed all laws of morality and decency as prescribed by our nation’s Christian heritage. The institution of education edifies the moral fabric of our children and builds the very character that will shape their adult persona. How can our nation raise decent people when all semblance of decency and stability has been savagely stripped from the lives of our kids?

    Without prayer as a guiding force in their lives and parents too weak to tell their children that they may not dress like Satanic scamps, it should come as no surprise that we find a perfumed orgy of drug needles, disease and teenage pregnancy plaguing the cafeterias of every grade school nationwide.

    Clothes define a man or woman, so it is quite natural that America’s children are falling into the wayside of hell-bound behavior with their outlandish, oft savage dress. Exposed mid-sections, “juicy” pant-seats and prison-bound baggy shorts worn by urban black youth; there is no trend that clothing executives and the modern liberal “pop” culture will not try to tempt your children to adore.

    One exemplary school district, however, has said enough is enough today and put a stop to the madness. Since parents refused to govern the clothing choices of their students, the school stepped in and enforced a code of Christian morality and decency.

    A young kindergartner protests with parents, as Richmond Community School removed children deemed to wear inappropriate clothing.
    -Source (Richmond Palladium Item)
    ChristWire Digital Media

    Richmond, Indiana, is home to the the Richmond Community School system. Throughout their schools, these courageous individuals have said ‘No To Satan’ by enforcing a standard of decency upon all their students, despite what several lawless parents think can pass as appropriate.

    Just today, Richmond High School suspended 50 more students for adorning themselves in immoral clothing, adding to the roster of nearly 150 kicked out for their choice of fornicated fabrics.

    Parents should rejoice that the school systems are looking out for the souls, wombs and associated secret parts of their children, but in typical liberal fashion several new-age parents in the community surprisingly took to anger and even had the audacity to protest the school’s decision.

    One father, Brian Thompson, declared, “This dress code is so extreme!”

    “The dress code doesn’t say anything about students in violation if you can see their collarbone, but students are being suspended because of it. It’s over the top!”

    We’ll see where those outraged words are when he and other liberal parents realize Satan has a plan to steal the virginity of our pure daughters at prom with revealing dresses sewn with innuendo.

    We will see where the scorn is when every gay-lead clothing company deflowers our children with bizaree hooker fashions and inspiration for participation in vampire blood-letting and leather outfits.

    Public schools have long been hijacked by the Democrat party, but it’s good to see the Moral Majority is once again taking hold of school administration. Rest assured that elite homosexual liberals in Hollywood curse the boldness of Richmond Schools to challenge the wanton antics of their little fashion advertisement teams. And that is the definition of a moral victory over the cultural of liberal darkness.

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