• African Pirate Ship Attacks US Navy Helicopter

    August 28, 2009 3:08 pm 53 comments

    African pirate

    The tribal people of Africa have once against brought the darkness upon our Christian world!

    Violent by nature, a black gang of African Somalians hijacked an innocent Taiwanese-flagged fishing vessel. The Taiwanese are good people who make stuff for us to buy at Wal-mart, and the skilless Africans were jealous!

    Somehow these lowlife savages managed to get a large caliber Soviet gun upon a fishing boat, then opened fire on the Taiwanese import vessel. The Taiwan’s little eyes squinted in fear as they called out for help on their radio.

    Enter America.

    We sent a US Navy helicopter to perhaps, scare off the Africans from their violent attempts at once again abducting innocents.

    According to official reports, the US Navy chopper was making a routine surveillance of our ocean waters along the African coastline, when they heard the Asians calling out for help.

    The Somalians got scared and dared to aim their weapons at our flying machines! Their sin-marinated hands fired bullets at our Godly American soldiers. They are lucky those pilots did not have a real, non-biased leader named George W. Bush in office, because he would have ordered them to turn on their video recorder and make YouTube video of blowing them African sea beasts out of the water!

    No one dares to declare war on our great nation and get away with it when we have a real president in office. But no, what do we have? An African.

    Barack Obama is loyal to his African pirate brothers so they know they can get away with such nonsense. I’m sick and tired of Obama’s reverse racism putting our nation and people at risk.

    We all know Africans love to abduct people from their homeland and hold them hostage, making them work for free in their villages and holding them from ransom. I don’t even want to think about what those Africans are doing to the poor womens and children who were upon that Taiwanese Asian cargo boat.

    Friends, the US Navy reports that the Africans have never had the Planter’s to fire their dangerous weapons upon our peace driven US Navy. Now, with Obama in office, they have.

    As you read, they hold 105 people hostage, all on four ships.

    If Obama was not racist and supporting Africa’s terrorizing and exploiting the world, he would order us to bomb their villages until there was nothing left or they surrendered. Instead, he lets them just keep attacking innocent just like Hitler did back in the 40s.

    Let us pray God will step in and smite down these Somalians with hardship and suffering. They have a chip on their shoulders because their elite brother is in office; let us show them that even when we don’t have a proper president, we have a Father in heaven who will strike them down with the force of which not even 1,000 nukes can compare!

    Boo African Somalia pirates! Boo! God sees your dark sins and you will pay!

    Source: CBS News

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