• Angels Toss Indian Elephant Into A Sinkhole, Then God Earthquakes Indian Ocean

    August 11, 2009 6:20 am 22 comments

    Pagan sin covers Indian Hindus like stink on curry; it burns the nostrils of God and he has finally had enough.

    In an impressive display of wrath, God caused an earthquake that shook the Indian Ocean down to its roots. If you analyze the, geological earthquake survey map I have created, you can clearly see the epicenter of God’s wrath upon India.

    It is no coincidence that this Earthquake took place where it did. India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Andaman Islands, Indonesia, Sri Lanka: these are all sinner countries that do not worship Christ, speak jabber tongues and bow to false gods.

    When you line them all up on the map, notice how they form a concentric circle of sin, and look what took place right in the middle of their filthy lifestyles!

    My friends, India and her sin soaked neighbors are in danger. Satan freely travels their lands and no one there has Christ in their heart.

    Our Lord tries to warn this lesser culture to quit their wicked ways.  He sends his warnings via weather, plague and even daily life. Just yesterday, he ordered several  angels to throw a mighty elephant into a sinkhole. Reports from bewildered savages in the village detail how they were worshiping the beast,  when it suddenly flew into the air and then landed miles away, buried in a sinkhole. You can see it crying if you look closely.

    In the Bible God warned everyone that he does not tolerate the worship of false gods. He makes it clear.

    Yet what do these nations do? They encrust their bodies with all sorts of jewels and use red markers to dot foreheads, and then go out and face Eest worship immoral Vishnu, cows and even an elephant.

    God sees all these sins and it is abomination!

    Let us pray these Godless Asiatics turn from their wicked ways, or next time our Heavenly Father may rain meteors and greater plagues upon their lands and just wipe them off of his Earth.

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