• Atheists Create Virgin Mary Condom (friendlyatheist.com)

    August 10, 2009 11:48 am 64 comments

    Look it at. Just look. Atheists always ask why we pray for them to get cast in the deepest reaches of hell. They always try to play victim and act like they do not provoke the wrath of God!

    There is nothing friendly about atheism, so you should know the content of the devil’s whored site friendlyatheist.com is nothing but a sick bag of lies!

    Hemant Mehta tries to comfort readers with a warm smile and business suit in his photograph, then goes and secretly makes these inflammatory anti-America posts by night. His readers think a virgin Mary condom is grounds for a joke but mark my words they won’t be so smarmy when God smites them all down with a plague or lost job!

    I wish this were still the days of the Spanish Inquisition, because I would mount my horse and lead the charge to slowly burn all these filth atheist witches at the pyre! There is nothing moral or right about disparaging the mother of our Lord and Savior!

    I hope and pray God gives them just punishment for this, it’s so far over the line of wrong. May God strike down their fornicated secret parts with emerods and then let their souls stoke the fires of hell!

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