• Baby Evolution Monkey Gives Me The Middle Finger Business (picture)

    August 1, 2009 10:33 am 11 comments

    Well I never! As you readers know I have been drafting my first publication, Monkey Business 101: Unteaching Secular Evolution Theory in Our Schools.

    My publishers suggested some pictures would greatly enhance my work and so we out to the local zoo last week, just to get a few snaps of random animals who are discussed at length.

    As I approached the monkey area of the zoo, something in my heart told me to steel my spirit because ol’ Satan had already made his rounds. This animals were evil and already serving in the armies of their dark animal lord Set.

    True enough, the baby monkey was especially evil devilwhore. Somewhere along the way apparently some evolution loving zoo keeper taught it all sorts of inappropriate mimics! Here you see it mimicking an attitudish urban kid by giving me the finger business!

    Look how its middle finger digit extends solo from its hand to curse my day! If it was a few hundred years ago I would have wrestled that monkey then had it stoned in public for insulting its human master!

    Liberals would condemn such right acts these days though and their dark Lord is president so my book words against why we must stop treating animals like humans and trying to pretend they can ‘learn’ and magically ‘evolve’ will suffice. Still, I want everyone to bear witness.

    Here is the monkey casting a finger curse upon me. Satan is the father of evil and so is his disciple baby monkey!

    Evil Baby Monkey Middle Finger

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