• Barack Obama Releases Most Dangerous Terrorist of All Time from Prison

    August 30, 2009 3:41 am 27 comments
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  • On Dec. 14 2008 , a day of infamy, a crazed Iraqi terrorist attempted to violently assassinate our noble Christian leader President George W. Bush with deadly shoe throws. Instead of giving this man the chair or making him rot in Gitmo, Obama has done the unthinkable and let him once again roam the Earth, free.

    The day started just like any other for George W. Bush. He woke up the leader of the free world. A father. A husband.

    A fearful man of the Word who loved his God and his country.

    After our noble President Bush — a true everyman — put his pants legs on one at a time, just like you and me, he set out to make a difference in the world. On that day, he wanted to bring freedom, confidence and security to the people of Iraq, in person.

    The people of Iraq were ecstatic to know their protector and savior George Bush was coming to visit their land of sin and hidden WMDs. He had already given them so much, how could he give any more?

    There was one Iraqi, however, who did not love his new Christian leader and friend. He did not want Bush to help calm the fearful hearts of Iraqi women and children. He did not want the men to sleep well that night, knowing American troops would always be just a phone call away from protecting their families from infidel rebels.

    That man was Muntadhar al-Zeidi. He dared to throw two potentially lethal death shoes at the general direction of our Christian president. This terrorist dared declare war on heaven itself by throwing his Iraqi ninja stars at the, neck of our God ordained decider of truth!

    Al-Zeidi should praise God that President Bush was a man of compassion. “Forgive them father for they know not what they do,” raced through Bush’s heavenly linked mind as he was blessed with the elusiveness to dodge those shoes on that day of infamy.

    Instead of sending the terrorist to the gallows, he had mercy and put him in a nice prison.

    Now, however, we find out that the Iraqi show throwing jouralist/terrorist is being freed on good behavior. When I read this report by MSN, I spat my Yoohoo all over the place!

    My blood boils as no one gets away with disrespecting our American president! How dare the dark scum Barack Obama conspire to help free this man who attacked President George W. Bush! You know Obama had something to do with it, he’s Muslim!

    Oh friends, my anger is mounted up and I only wish the Crusades or the Inquisition was on our military agenda, because then our army of God could show the world what happens to those who mess with our country and our leaders who are showing them the way!

    If journalists in Iraq do not like the way we run things, they can just get out of the country. We freed it and in 2012, when we vote a Republican leader into office, the work of our friends George W. Bush shall be complete.

    Let us vote for Jeb Bush, so three generations of Bush’s were responsible for the liberation of a country with much potential good! Glory, Glory.

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