• BREAKING: Bill Clinton Conspires with Kim Jong Il (picture evidence)

    August 4, 2009 11:45 am 12 comments

    Our sources have revealed a new image which reveals disgraced
    ‘president’ Bill Clinton has sneaked into North Korea and is conspiring with communists threats!

    Kim Jon-il is the socialist dictator of North Korea and wants nothing more than to launch nukes out upon every single America city and film it Hollywood style! Why is Bill Clinton sneaking into North Korea today to make friends with this man!

    I thought travel to North Korea to conspire with these atheist wonders was illegal?

    Look at this damning evidence!

    Bill Clinton has been CAUGHT with his hands in the traitorous cookie jar. His mouth is full with the crumbs of betrayal and sin!

    It’s one thing to have your dilly dallied by an innocent intern Bill Clinton Clinton, but don’t think we’re going to put up with you and your dark puppet master Obama trying to pull the old Benedict Arnold on us!

    What is Clinton doing in North Korea posing with Kim Jong Il in secret! Let us demand an explanation and then hire Ken Starr to once again investigate this ammoral act man!

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