• California Declares State of Emergency As Wrathful Wildfire Scorches 5000 Acres

    August 15, 2009 3:10 pm 7 comments
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  • Gay whores, prostitutes, hipped hop rappers, liberal Hollywood. Allowing illegal Mexicans to sneak into my Christian nation!

    The state of California has become a modern Soddom and Gomorrah. They have banned the teaching of creation in the science classrooms. They allow homos to create businesses named The Gay Store while encouraging school children that it is safe to smoke magic mint and have drug-inspired orgies.

    It is no surprise that God’s wrath has been kindled and he’s now pouring out a fiery fury upon California’s sin-marinated land. From The Associated Press

    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger urged residents to heed mandatory evacuation orders Saturday as firefighters battled to control nearly a dozen blazes across the parched state.

    Schwarzenegger met Saturday with firefighters at the Lockheed Fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains, a day after the governor returned to the state from attending the funeral of his mother-in-law, Eunice Shriver.

    The Santa Cruz fire has blackened close to 8 square miles of remote wilderness since Wednesday.

    Some 2,400 residents and several wineries are under mandatory evacuations in the mountain communities of Swanton and Bonny Doon.

    Schwarzenegger says the Lockheed Fire is one of 11 burning in the state.

    California officials think that this is emergency but rest assured, this is but a small display of God’s true power. He created the fires of the Sun, of middle Earth and of hell! These California fires are ice cubes in comparison.

    Massive and deadly wrath like this will not stop until California goes back to being state that espouses Republican values headlined by moral conservatism.

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