• Cash for Clunkers Requirements

    August 1, 2009 12:12 pm 7 comments
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  • Now that Barack Obama as emulated his favorite communist, Hugo Chavez, by stealing General Motors (GM) from its proper executives and placing said company under liberal government control, he wants Americans to buy a bunch of cars.

    Since many people have lost jobs, homes, health care and money due to Obama doing things like giving $1 billion of our American money to Palestinian Hamas terrorists, funding worldwide abortion, fighting two pointless wars and other the other stuff that has destroyed our economy, the president conned a way to enable the poor to ‘get’ new cars: Cash for Clunkers Program.

    The more they buy cars (particularly GM) at the expense of us who come from well-established families and have proper jobs from earning our doctorates, the more Obama can funnel into his coffers and his terror-enabling colleagues.

    Keep in mind the the Democrat Congress is currently charging is another $2 billion to fund this pointless program. Laissez-faire is a term they think is meant for kindling, like a suspected witch who must be set at the stake.

    The cash for clunkers requirements:

    1. Own a child’s play car.

    The first way you can tell Obama is trying to help out his “brothers” in the ‘hood is from the list of vehicles being accepted in the Cash for Clunkers program.

    A family of proper means would not have any of these as the family car, and I definitely do not see my Volvo or my wife’s Mercedes CLK. There’s also a strange lack of the family Range Rover or my son’s 2005 BMW 325i. In other words, note how we are paying $2 billion in taxes and none of the cars on the list come close to what we own.

    Why am I helping poor urban families get a new family car? Obama, as usual, has found another way to rob the pockets of those who have earned their possessions and money. I guess we should have come to expect such things when you take someone of his genetic condition and mix it with a slick Harvard education: a paper gang-banger.

    2. Urban families must show Title, Proof of Insurance and Registration to Car Dealer

    This particular clause is the only saving grace for potentially curbing the number of urban minorities who will be squandering our national wealth through this program.

    It’s well known these people tend to try to skimp or get by without insurance on their cars, and it’s questionable if they legally own half of them. So perhaps this will be the saving grace and the full $2 billion, which again –mind you– benefits us with proper lifestyles and jobs in no way, will not be fully exhausted.

    Step 3 Car Rebates These urban families or thugs get $3500 if the lemon car gets at least 4 mpg more than the trade-in or $4500 rebate if the car gets at least 10 mpg or more than trade-in. Similar numbers apply for trucks and SUVs.

    So if a family can push in their ragged Honda or Acura steel trash pit, windows mucked with hair grease and floor dirty with after church chicken buckets, they get to steal $3500 from my bank account and leave the parking lot with a new car.

    Great job, Obama. Robbing from the people who make the country run so that people who are already getting free food and soon universal healthcare on my hard-earned corporate dollar now also get free cars.

    While we’re at it, let’s just buy them a nice lunch at Granita’s then fly them out first class to New York for a nice night on the town and a Broadway production. After all, who cares about the dollar of the people with six-figure jobs.

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