• Chinese Scientists Invent Human Dog Hybrids

    August 5, 2009 3:16 am 71 comments

    Just look at it. Lookit! I hope you demon evolution scientists and gays are happy now. There is officially no morality left in your works and I pray to God he strikes all laboratories with fires and plagues!

    I heaved in disgust when I first came upon the following story. I’m sure you will too so just pull out your trash bags and see what happens when you mix up Chinase, scientists and the homogay agenda!

    For some time it has been clear that the gays have raised money to fund research into cloning animal-human hyrbrids.

    They think if everyone gets disgusted with the thoughts of a hudog marrying a women or vice-versa, we’ll all think the homogay marriage won’t seem so bad. What a quaint idea.

    Well now they have gone too far! New reports reveal that the Chinese have been secretly crafting the human genome to combine with a dogs!

    Source – CSJ

    China – Chinese scientists will hold a press conference today, to address research they have performed to create human-dog hybrids.

    The research has raised controversy throughout the globe, with various scientific councils and journals citing concerns of bioethics, along with precedent in international law.

    In addition to releasing limited information about their new genetic creation, scientists released several image stills of the human dog hybrid (a genetic mammalian female) nursing several offspring. This raises questions and concerns about how long the Chinese hybrid program has been in existence.

    It remains unconfirmed if reports about several homosexually sponsored organizations having financed this research have veracity.

    In an unprecedented defiling of life, scientists ripped apart a human embryo’s DNA nucleotides then used life glue to stick it to a half dog dna, then put it in a cell!

    They then gave it the cloning shock and said their demon chants to create a human dog hybrid!

    We may as well name these new abominations hot dogs, because hell is exactly where God is going to cast this filthy animal. I wish I had a portable furnace full of hot coals, because I would help cast fiery stones at this filthy demon dog until it finds out that not all dogs go to heaven!

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