• Deli Thief Caught Chewing the Evidence (w/ Mugshot)

    August 4, 2009 12:50 pm 25 comments
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  • Cincinnati, OH – Shocking crime in Cincinnati this week, as an area woman was caught illegally consuming a deli sandwich for which she did not pay.

    According to court records, Maria Magobet (50) of Dayton, Ohio, allegedly ordered lunch meat and cheese from her local deli, Valley Grocery.

    Unfortunately, Magobet apparently had no intent to pay for the cold cuts and cheese. Instead, she walked out of the store without paying.

    Such high crimes are cause for great concern, and fortunately police from Elmwood were able to catch up with the alleged sandwich thief before she was able to visit other deli counters in the area.

    Deli Thief Caught Eating Sandwich

    A Dayton woman was apprehended by police, all after being accused of gobbling down stolen lunch meat from a deli counter. Mugshots indicate the alleged thief consumed cold cuts.

    When officers finally caught up to Magobet, they noted lunch meat crumbs were found upon her mouth and shirt. The photographic evidence above seems to support the police findings.

    Magobet has been charged with theft and attempted theft, and was arraigned on Monday.

    Police also made note that a lone pickle was recovered from Magobet, before she left the store.

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