• Foreign Sex Radicals Invade Nastiest State in US to Keep 16yo Strippers and Hookers Legal

    August 16, 2009 10:50 pm 180 comments

    Hipster Hooker

    Right now, and I mean RIGHT NOW! prostitutes and underage strippers are LEGALLY selling themselves in one corner of this incredible country of ours. That’s right, one wonderful little state
    has gone out of its way to protect the rights of hookers to spread their legs and disease. This place is also committed to letting our little girls dance naked around brass poles
    while vile old men grope them with grubby dollar bills. All this is done with full protection of the police and the democrats
    in the state legistlature.

    Where are these laws of freedom and self-expression on the books in the age of Obama? This sanctuary of scum is called the State of Rhode Island. The place that practically proclaims at its borders, “Welcome you hedonistic sex workers and pole dancers, and men and boys too! Now drop your undies and get to work!”

    whose husband is he

    Rhode Island. Most of us couldn’t find this sneaky little street walker on a roadmap. Here’s a hint: it hangs like the diseased genatalia of New England. And sick it is, my friends! The veiny little
    pouch of debauchery and radicalism is threatening to infect America with its sinful liberal revision of what it means to be
    free. Prostitution and pole dancing are reputedly one of the few growth
    industries in this moribund mansack (no pun intended). What’s worse, when a handful of local Christians suggested outlawing these sins against human
    decency, the greatest pervs in the world jumped on top of
    themselves to defend it.

    Perverts Profit

    But one local woman scholar is not taking this assault lying down. Donna Hughes, of Citizens Against Trafficking, has
    thoroughly explored these supporters and her discoveries are disturbing. In her latest report, she found that the 50 leaders of this group, all of whom claim to
    be college professors, are, “sex radicals, meaning they oppose any limits on any sexual behavior as long as it has the superficial appearance of being consensual.” The leader of this group, George
    Washington University Professor Ronald Weitzer has said, “Many
    prostituted women and girls experience ‘moderate-to-high job satisfaction’ and think they provide a valuable service.”
    If it feels good, do it?

    Many other of these borderline “sex offenders,” as Hughes calls them, are from the Netherlands and New Zealand, where kiddie porn and sadomashistic sex are the norm. During her research the vivacious Woods discovered this group is composed of a self-proclaimed exhibitionist who has stated “I think that sex with animals can be consensual!”, child nudism advocates, $pread Magazine models, an S&M fetishist with an academic position and the list goes on and on. It is an, “international campaign orchestrated using Internet technologies, such as blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.” The internet strikes again!

    Foxy fun

    With the fortitude of a man, Hughes has delved deep into the heart of this sex-crazed world. Along with Club Fantasies, Club Desire,Airport Anal, Hooters, Steam Alley, Tazza’s Topless, Rough Sex Repertory Company, Foxy Lady, Satin Doll Gentlemen’s Club, Cheater’s, the Sportsman’s Inn, Barrington “Country Club,” Priests & Pros, Trixx – All Male Revue and Club Balloons.

    is that your husbands truck

    The painted ladies of RI are hoping for a happy ending from the legislature on this one, and surely the legislatures are looking for the same in return. But with the good people of Citizens Against Trafficking, there is a ray of hope in this, the Nastiest State in the Union.

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