• Geraldo At Large: Home-Grown Terror Cell Busted in North Carolina

    August 2, 2009 12:53 pm 6 comments
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  • Home-grown terror is a very real threat in America. It occurs when Americans are convinced to not embrace our nation’s Christian heritage of brotherhood, love and unity.

    They instead embrace the anti-America culture of destruction, mayhem and anti-Christian religion: Arab.

    My friends, several months ago I warned a young lady who wrote in to carefully consider a relationship she was getting into, just on the off chance that the young man who wanted to court her was a terrorist. It seems my suspicions are only confirmed by new findings this week: a new American home-grown terror cell was busted.

    ALERT: Terrorists Can Be in Your Neighborhood – Tragedy and FEAR in North Carolina
    Seven North Carolina men have been charged with plotting to wage “violent jihad” by “murdering, kidnapping or maiming persons”… According to a federal indictment unsealed today, the alleged ringleader, Daniel Patrick Boyd, and six co-defendants were accused of conspiring to provide financial and material assistance to terrorists…

    This is happening in normal American neighborhoods. It could be happening next door to you, or that nice new cultured boy your daughter wants to go see a movie with this weekend! It can be anywhere!

    We have no choice but to have fear and panic in our hearts. On 9/11 we saw what happens when we let our guard down, and the events of that day could be playing out right on your front lawn!

    Your heart is gripped by terror and it is only natural. We need a good, strong Republican government to keep us safe, with wiretaps and all so that these new-age Judas’ won’t kill us all dead in the name of foreign deities!

    Please, please, please read read Chad’s article at One News Now and send the internet link to all your friends too! Warn them to read the article and then email it to all their friends too. This is a life or death situation!

    After you are all alerted please then watch Fox News tonight at 10 pm Eastern, where Geraldo Rivera will reveal all the secrets behind the latest home-grown terror cell.

    Beware, beware! Please lock your doors and gather your families, because we are NOT safe until we find a solution to stop this threat against our lives!

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