• God Smashes Indian Chandrayaan Satellite Probe, Moon Attempts

    August 31, 2009 9:04 am 43 comments
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  • Indian Space mission failed, God made them lose satelliteNew Delhi, India – India forced to end moon mission after it loses contact with satellite probe…

    The curry-scented Hindu nation of India had space ambitions and God has struck them all down!

    Moments ago, India’s space agency was forced to end its $82 million mission to our moon. Their plan was to send their unmanned probe, the Chandrayaan I craft, to hover the moon’s surface to map it out. After having it mapped, the nation planned to send astronauts to walk upon our moon, claimed by our Christian scientist Neil Armstrong years ago.

    The Indian’s suspicious moon interest came to a halt two days ago, as their shocked scientists suddenly lost contact with the probe. Their sandal feet scurried with panic all through the Indian Space Research Organization, pulling their levers and frantically pushing buttons to no avail. They were unable to restore communications, said S.K. Shivkumar, the director for their sinful space network.

    “The mission has been terminated,” Shivkumar stated in the telephone interview, adding computers on the craft had “mysteriously” failed.

    Friends, God officially gave the moon to America during the 1960s. While the Soviets were busy building weapons of destruction and the Indians being racist to those of a lower caste, the benevolent America set its sights on more noble causes such as exploring the heavens themselves.

    You need special permission to dare walk in the heavens, and it is clear that God has, waved his hands to block the radio signals and fray the computer wires in Indians vile space probe.

    How dare they have the nerve to think they can explore space, when they don’t even have the decency to confess our Lord as their savior. They still worship cows and the Sun, so their society still has far to socially develop before they think they are ready to travel the stars.

    Sadly, the Indians are hard-headed and did not take heed to this act of God. Their space agency announced they will build a Chandrayaan 2 (means Moon Craft 2 in American) to try a new moon mission in 2012, when they plan to put a rover upon the surface of our moon. Did they even contact Washington D.C. to ask permission to do these things?

    If that’s not bad enough, India also plans to land an orbiter on Mars within 4 to 6 years. Only weeks ago, God struck down the Indian Ocean with a great tsunami and earthquake. Just before that, the Earth of India opened up and swallowed entire villages for practicing pagan third world religions.

    Just like when we saw God smashes two communist satellites, I hope these Indians understand that he’s not going to change his mind. Their purpose in space is obviously sinister and they do not have Christ written on their heart; therefore, the secrets of the universe they shall not have revealed.

    Source: Bloomberg

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