• God Starts More Wildfires, Reminds Californians To “Say No To Homos”

    August 29, 2009 9:39 am 58 comments

    God made his frustration with California’s betrayal of him known once again this week, this time as he used his great power to start several wildfires in the region’s chaparral and sagebrush.

    2,000 Californians have been forced to race in panic and fear, as our Lord and Savior reminds everyone the fate of being gay; burn in hell for all time!

    AP News
    A wildfire that exploded in the mountains north of Los Angeles has spread over nearly 8 square miles of bone-dry forest, sent up massive billows of smoke and cast an eerie orange glow against the night sky.

    The blaze in the steep San Gabriel Mountains above La Canada Flintridge spread out in all directions Friday, the most active flanks to the north, deeper into the forest and east, said Forest Service spokesman Stanton Florea.

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency Friday in Los Angeles and Monterey counties.

    “There’s tremendous amount of heat all over the state! We’re scared, ”
    he said.

    Oh friends, hear my words. Homosexuals are a great blight unto normalcy and they are causing God’s anger to explode all over the world!

    These mighty fires he’s starting up in California’s foothills and cities, they are nothing compared to what he can truly do! It may just be fires right now, but what if he sends great meteors or tsunamis to just wipe out all these lowlife perverts and their supporters? What will happen to our national economy and world relations?

    God is giving us ample warning to not test him too much, and hopefully this fire will teach everyone a lesson.

    Just like when God was smiting Pharaoh for being evil, an ominous cloud of doom looms over the sinful lands. Marvel at this fearful site, just like this overwhelmed firefighter is doing.

    My friends, there is no fighting off the fires of hell. God has made them so they will, never extinguish and all sinners will have the flesh of their souls seared for all time!

    So let us heed this warning and make God proud by saying ‘No Gays!’ everywhere we go. It is the right thing to do and will save us from this great display of God’s wrath! Glory, glory.

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