• Greek Woman Sets Fire To Man’s Genitals At Club

    August 9, 2009 8:42 am 6 comments
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  • A Greek woman is being heralded as a hero after she set fire to the genitals of a man who allegedly tried to sexually assault her within a dark dance club.

    The unidentified woman from Crete is being praised as a hometown hero. After setting Greek fire to the man’s crotch area, the woman immediately called the police and proudly turned herself in.

    Officer reports indicate the woman has been charged with causing bodily injury and endangering private property.

    Detailed reports of the incident allege that the man, a tourist from Britain, entered the club in the Greek resort town of Malia. He soon took off his pants and waved his genitals at several girls in the club.

    When seeing the Greek woman, the pants-less man ‘forcefully fondled’ her erogenous areas and then asked her to hold and fondle his exposed genitals.

    Naturally, the woman was offended and asked the guy to leave her alone. He refused and continued the sexual battery, so the woman took action.

    She took an alcoholic spirit nambed Sabucco and drenched the man’s genitals with it. She then set the liquor on fire, burning the man’s scrotum, underlying testicles and penis. Responder reports indicate the man is currently at a medical clinic, receiving treatment for second degree burns to the testicle and penis.

    The judge in the case set the woman free, and she claims she was simply acting in self-defense.

    Read more of this story on the Daily Telegraph

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