• Hillary Clinton Angry Over Question

    August 11, 2009 10:54 am 12 comments

    Hillary Clinton, the woman who thought she could be president. There is little on this Earth that is worse than a social democrat who believes in abortion, high taxes and atheist fornication. There is one thing, however, that almost makes all of those things seem tolerable: a feminist.

    As Joe Reagan warned us in his illustrative piece ‘Feminism Is Destroying Society‘, the modern-age female democrats are far out of line with a woman’s God-given role and they are directly contributing to the downfall of our great nation.

    Sure, Hillary Clinton is only serving in the role of Secretary of State (essentially, a glorified office secretary) and in the typical habit of a foul feminist, she has goosestepped way out of the position’s natural role and into the territory of being a danger to our country.

    The prior Republican Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, did not let being our noble President George W. Bush’s office assistant go to her head. She carried out her boss’s orders and had the decency to wear dresses and stockings, like a woman of eloquence and taste.

    Contrast this to the wild Hillary Clinton, who dances around with African savages and wears pantsuits. When her sinister husband Bill Clinton, the impeached president who had sexual fornication with a young innocent child named Monica Lewinsky and then lied about it another oath, went overseas to negotiate with North Korean terrorist Kim Jong-il, Hillary did not warn our current president about his actions.

    Now, only moments ago Hillary Clinton completely snapped and lost her temper. Hillary Clinton was angry over a simple question during a news conference in Congo; a question in which she inferred a journalist was asking her to tell everyone about Bill Clinton’s opinion on a political subject:

    Here was Hillary Clinton’s angry response:

    “You want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not secretary of state, I am,” an obviously annoyed Clinton said sharply. “If you want my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channeling my husband.”

    As it turns out, the question was actually about Barry Hussein Obama’s opinion on China and somehow, Clinton thought it was referring to Bill Clinton. I think guilt is getting the best of her.

    We saw her gyrating with African men in a secret video (you may view it here after praying and having any woman/children leave the room) and then there is photographic documentation of Hillary Clinton making out with Barack Obama, right in front of Bill Clinton.

    The proof is in the pudding and it’s quite clear that Hillary Clinton’s loins have an affinity for Afro-Americans. It comes as no surprise that she has put the moves and developed an inappropriate relationship with Hussein Obama.

    Friends, anger is a sign of guilt. There is nothing more angry than a feminist, and that’s because women will feel a natural subconscious guilt for defying their God-given roles of nurturing families, obedience to their husband and making a lovely home.

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