• Homeless Man Bursts Into Flames After Getting Tasered By Police

    August 27, 2009 1:26 am 35 comments
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  • Daniel Wood burst into flames after police were forced to Taser him, following a high-speed foot chase. Wool was allegedly amped up on the dangerous marijuana-like vapors of aerosol.

    A homeless man burst into a ball of fire after Ohio police were forced to shock him with a Taser.

    Reports indicate that Daniel Wood, 31, was purportedly sniffing gas from an aerosol can as he wildly ran through traffic, all while trying to elude two Lancaster, Ohio, police officers who were chasing him on foot.

    Shocked passengers locked doors as the wild-eyed man continued to fill his body with aerosol vapors and ran with an unprecedented display of primal agility and reported ‘amazing speeds’ for a human.

    In the heat of pursuit, one officer miraculously caught up with the nimble vagabond and wrestled him to the ground. With his body amped up by aerosol vapors, Wood was easily able to resist arrest and tussled with the cop, according to police reports.

    Fearing for his partner’s safety, the other cop yelled a desperate plea for the homeless man to calm down. Hulking with drug-induced strength and speed, the non-working Wood saw no reason to comply. The second officer had no choice but to zap woods with the Taser.

    Wood immediately burst into flames that covered his entire torso.

    Now engulfed by the fury of hell, Wood was desperate and two officers had to drop their weapons and beat the flames off Wood’s body.

    Interviewed after he was hospitalized and placed in stable condition, Wood had this to say:

    “‘My complete right half of my upper body is burned.’”

    He continued, “‘I have bandages from my wrist all the way up my arm and across my chest.’”

    Woods also admitted that he had been inhaling vapors from a chemical cleaner, all in efforts to get “high”.

    Friends, the moral from this story is very clear. God does not like it when you go and score some magic mint or addictive marijuana from the prowling black in your local store parking lot. The only things that will be high in the end are the flames of hell that engulf your body for your sinful ways and disobeying America’s Christian laws against destructive drugs.

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