• How To Convert A Godless Hindu

    August 18, 2009 2:00 am 18 comments
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  • The plague country of India is a lesser society where the people number in the billions and worship a cow.  They have filled all their God-given rivers with curry scented filth and stockpile dangerous weapons of mass destruction without American permission.

    Men in this country walk around in gaudy gold earrings and bracelets, taking time to dollop warpaint upon their faces for weird ceremonies. The women dot their foreheads and think it pleases their false Hindu god Buddha Vishnu.

    My friends, do not get me wrong. The people of India are beautiful God’s creations and have great potential, they just need to be shown the way. They already help their American friends by giving us cheap call-center labor and making a strong stand against terror enabled Arab nations like Pakistan.

    The least we can do in return for these people is introduce them to Christ. With the love of Christ in their hearts, these people will be better suited to understand American freedom and lifestyle, and follow our superior example in how to live life.

    In the following video, our youth teaches how to convert a poor girl who was victimized by Hindu indoctrination. Please have your women and children join in watching this video, so they can see and understand how to minister to those possessed by the demons of false religions. Amen.

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