• Hurricane Bill Projected Path

    August 17, 2009 8:10 am 1 comment
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  • Hurricane Bill Projected Path

    Residents of the Atlantic coast had uneasy weekend, as several tropical storms and potential hurricanes ominously loom and may unleash the destructive power of God’s wrath.

    The fear and panic of beating hearts are heard as the Atlantic seaboard stands in the path of God’s true power.

    Of all storms so far, Hurricane Bill seems the most dangerous and its angry power increases slowy by slowly.

    By Wednesday could become a full out hurricane of great ancient power. I fall on prayer warrior knees to pray this storm away like everyone else should do, but it may be too late. There are many sinful islands in Atlantic and in America, Louisiana and Florida have much sin to atone.

    Above you can see the Hurricane Bill Projected Path map, but due to other coastal weather patterns it is not completely certain if the storm’s actual path will deviate from the map.

    Hurricane Bill Projected Path 2

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