• James Cameron’s New Avatar Movie Trailer

    August 21, 2009 4:00 pm 5 comments
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  • Acclaimed Hollywood director James Cameron is returning to the big screen again with the release of a new Sci-fi movie named Avatar.

    Critics and public are both hyping this movie to the extreme, and it’s slated to be this winter’s big blockbuster. The question of course; will it be all good or all hype?

    The premise of the story is trite. Humans are evil and are tearing up a planet with their military. The planet belongs to a group of Martian creatures named the Na’vi. Said Na’vi look strikingly similar to a certain aquatic race of beings in video game Zelda: Ocarina of Time (you’ll notice it).

    Since humans cannot freely breathe in the planet’s atmosphere, a hybrid of Na’vi/human named avatars are created. One of the hybrids is supposed to wreck havoc and unleash the dogs of war on the planet, but oh contraire mi capitan, he falls in love with a Na’vi princess.


    That plot is overdone, but hey, it could be good. This movie is supposedly steeped in special effects bugdet (the trailer doesn’t look it though) and it’s directed by James Cameron! Oh, but wait. He hasn’t really released anything of note since 1994.

    I’m predicting another Hollywood let-down, but who knows? Perhaps this movie will rock. Here’s the trailer:

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