• Kid Gets Excited About Vanessa Hudgens Nude Leaked Pictures

    August 15, 2009 10:20 am 20 comments

    As I searched YouTube for more videos to warn everyone about today, I nearly had a triple heart-attack when I came across the following example of why parents must ban their children from the internet.

    Not often enough we warn you parents that the gays, liberals and Hollywood celebrities love to entice your children to come into the devil’s playground, and then get on the big shiny slide that leads straight to hell fire.

    Today we see another example. A celebrity women named Vanessa Hudgens nude leaked pictures are apparently all over the internet. Somehow home homos and Hollywood promoters are telling our innocent children about this (maybe through their emails?) and where to find these sick photos.

    In the following video a liberal devil has sent this innocent young man an internet link to immoral pictures and you can see excited sin fill his face. Someone is teaching the children to call a women’s milksacks by the name of ‘tittays’ and I spit with disgust on all liberal devils involved in this corruption.

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