• Lady Gaga Hermaphrodite Proof Unveiled, Picture and Video

    August 11, 2009 7:09 am 3 comments

    The entertainment world is buzzing with one question today: where is the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite proof?

    After a concert earlier this week, Lady Gaga wore a sinful red dress and came out riding upon a motorcycle, being pushed by several large African gentlemen. She commented into the microphone that she was not wearing pantiedrawers, and then stood up to perform her song.

    During a part of her performance, people say that her thighs slightly parted and then, well, you could see her stuff. Manstuff.

    The thoughts of potentially seeing another man’s thingy down there sickens me and reminds me of the time a gay tried to attack me in a restroom, so I have not analyzed the video to provide scientific commentary.

    Media reports state official words from Lady Gaga’s representatives find the claim of her being a hermaphrodite is preposterous. The following video and picture was sent into the HolyMailbox today and should put the speculation to rest. Warning: The following image and video media contains potentially dangerous content. Please pray and then have any women and/or children leave the room before viewing.

    Image: Media Reports Speculate if Lady Gaga Has Man Parts

    Video: Media Reports Speculate if Concert Footage Reveals Lady Gaga has Man Parts

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