• Lady Gaga is a Man?

    August 10, 2009 1:39 pm 47 comments

    “Mbowrrr, Mbowrr, Dude looks like a lady.” Glam singer Lady Gaga may actually be a headliner for a Steven Tyler song of the title Dude Looks Like a Lady, as various media personalities speculate her sexuality after a short, red dress allegedly exposed her manhood.

    Say what?

    The androgynous vamp has promoted speculation that she was born with male and female genitals after video and photo images emerged this week revealing a bulge in her nether-regions.

    Cameltoe, perhaps?

    Popcrunch provides link to picture speculation here.

    If the story is true it will be great, because then all the men who fornicated to thoughts of Lady Gaga will also have to live with the secret that they had gay thoughts. The guilt will make them stop listening to this music altogether and turn back to Christ. You be the judge. Warning: The following video media contains Satanic rhythm, uncovered thighs and potentially the homosexually gay agenda. Please pray and then have women/children immediately leave the room before viewing.

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