• Michelle Obama Wearing Hussy Daisy Duke Short Shorts

    August 19, 2009 2:38 pm 44 comments

    Just take a look at it. No warning! I will not warn women and childrens to leave the room because there it is. A First Lady wearing hooker shorts in public for all eyes to see.

    My mouth fell open when I saw this picture. How dare Michelle Obama expose flossy legs when she represents our Christian nation!

    What could we expect though? At her prom she wore a sinful dress that showed her bared thighs and uncovered chest. Typical black women.

    I know it’s scientific stats that a black women is more likely to become pregnant or abortions because they dress like this. It is NOT FACT that first ladies should encourage them to do so!

    Impeach! This is more proof why we must impeach the Obama’s and get a Christian woman in office like Cindy McCain. When your daughters become hookers and thank the BET First Lady for their inspiration don’t be surprised.

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