• Miley Cyrus Does Pole Dancing At MTV Kid Choice Awards (picture evidence)

    August 10, 2009 9:01 am 23 comments

    My friends, I am angry. Very angry! As I searchted for more news and video media to warn all parents about today, my eyes went blind when I came upon the newest sin-soaked ploy of MTV to get our kids to do drugs then become devilwhore alley prostitutes by nigcht!

    Yesterday MTV had the ‘kid choice awards’, where they invite young elementary school age children to call in and vote for their favorite singers. They tell us paerents “oh, friends, this show is safe! Please leave the room while we entertain your kids with fun music and videos for an hour! Let them have some safe fun and freedom all in your home!”

    These are all veil lies! As soon as they think parents would be away from the TV they inundate kids with all sorts of filthy hipped hopped gang videos, gyrations of a womens with exposed legs and milksacks and then talk of drugs and sex fornications!

    Liberals will lie and say this is not true. They claim MTV is all about morals and values, and like Family Guy and South Park is safe for our children. If it was 200 years ago, my friends, we could just gather a big mob and tie them all to cottonwood trees to see if these liberal witches could float but trust me, they would sink down to the bottom of the water and into the Lake that BURNS SINNERS WITH FIRE!

    There is nothing moral about MTV and last night they proved that in a major way. Good girl singer Miley Cyrus, who plays Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, was forced to do some pole dancing last night at the MTV Kid Choice awards.

    When I came upon this news I wept for an hour. Why must MTV corrupt the innocent? Why can’t they just pray and then agree to take their sinful channel off the air or just play Christian bands on there so kids can get saved?

    I hope the drug induced writer producers of MTV know that Satan is in hell and celebrating them for being his prostitutes and spreading the disease of foul demon sins! Warning: The following image media contains immoral content. Please pray and then have women/children leave the room before reviewing for your parenting group.

    Miley Cyrus Dancing by Pole Photo 1
    Miley Cyrus Dancing by Pole Photo 2
    Miley Cyrus Dancing by Pole Photo 3
    Miley Cyrus Dancing by Pole Photo 4
    Miley Cyrus Dancing by Pole Photo 5

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