• Ministry To Convert Homosexual Men Into Normal People

    August 26, 2009 5:09 am 102 comments

    Homosexuality is an unfortunate condition that curses the life of many potentially good people. While psychologists and neuroscientists still struggle to find a definitive cure for this sickness, in which the victim feels he or she must choose the foul gay lifestyle, several Southern churches are holding exciting new God-ordained ministries that will help gays recover from their condition.

    As reported by the always point-on Diana Chandler from the New Orleans Baptist Examiner:

    Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, 2515 Franklin Ave., will host from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. August 29 a conference on ministering to homosexuals, just days ahead of the annual New Orleans Southern Decadence celebration.

    “Embracing Restoration: A Path to Freedom,” will equip the church to exhibit the love of Christ while ministering in today’s society impacted by homosexuality.

    The conference is designed for pastors, ministry leaders, counselors, parents of those with same-sex attractions, strugglers, overcomers and others.

    Speakers will include Terri Brown of Exodus International, a minister whose son was involved in a same-sex relationship, and Paulette Lawrence, who lived 17 years in homosexuality and now leads the support recovery program A Good Thing Out of Nazarus. Joining them will be the Rev. Bob Stith, national strategist for gender issues for the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Rev. Greg Hand, pastor of Vieux Carre’ Baptist Church in the French Quarter, where Southern Decadence is centered.

    Embracing Restoration will offer two choices among four breakout sessions, with a closing question and answer segment. Register here free.

    It is in all of our best interest to rid our country of the 2% homosexual population, and this perfecting ministry is the ticket in doing so. It is sad to know that gay people are not born abnormal; it is usually a traumatic event or perhaps getting tinkled by a stranger as a kid that has forced them to choose a gay lifestyle.

    Once convicted by such perverted lifestyle, things go downhill. For every one homosexual, four kids get improperly diddled and molested. As warned in the Bible, the bodies of gays are also more prone to get struck down with afflictions and disease.

    Who would wish such a fate for any person? All of those things lead straight to the furnaces of hell, and dear friends, as Christians it is our job to prevent people from enduring such a fiery fate.

    If you are friends or associates with anyone afflicted with gay, please encourage them to take a quick vacation from their little secretary or nursing jobs and register here for a conference that can deliver their shameful life from depression and iniquity. It will equip them with the tools needed to go forward with a new life in Christ, and a proper gender identity of which they can be proud.

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